About Us

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Entrance to Seattle Children's Hospital at sunset

The Center for Children with Special Needs' mission is to improve and promote the health and well being of children with special health care needs and their families.

We focus on providing information to families and health care professionals. Our work includes special projects, research and evaluation that impact policy development, quality of care, education and family partnerships in health care.

The Center was formed in Seattle, WA in 1998 as a program of Seattle Children's Hospital. We primarily serve families in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho).

We collaborate with a variety of health care organizations, state agencies, families, and health care providers to plan and implement grants and contracts that improve care and increase access to health education materials and community resources.

We are funded through government contracts and grants, private foundation grants, endowments and Seattle Children's. The Washington State Department of Health supports the development and maintenance of this website.

Please Note: We do not provide direct care, evaluation or treatment for individual children.


Director: Hugh Ewart
MSc, Director, State and Federal Government Affairs, Center for Children with Special Needs

Manager: Jacquie Stock
MPH, Manager, Center for Children with Special Needs

Please feel free to contact us or support our work.