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Tools and resources for nurses, doctors, childcare providers, therapists and other professionals who support children with special health care needs:

Finding Contact Information for Families   Diagnosis-Specific Resources
Searchable Directory   General Diagnosis Information
Printable WA County Lists   Critical Elements of Care: Cerebral Palsy
Starting Point Guide   Critical Elements of Care: Cleft Lip & Palate
Searchable Summer Camp Directory   Critical Elements of Care: Sickle Cell Disease
Medical Home Resources & Support   Oral Health Resource List
Interacting with Families   Health Screening & Monitoring Resources
Involving Families as Advisors   Developmental Surveillance & Screening
Talking with Parents (for childcare professionals)   Health & Development Monitoring
Childcare and the ADA    
Print Materials for Patients & Family   Education for Healthcare Providers

  Continuing Education
Newsletters   Online Video Library
Linkages   Nursing Grand Rounds
Child Health Notes   Provider Grand Rounds Resources to Share with Parents:

Care Management Tools   Planning Ahead
Care Notebook   Safety Tips
Care Organizer   Oral Healthcare
Care Plans   Early Intervention & Education
Connection & Support   Emergency Preparedness
Coping with a New Diagnosis   Air Travel
Emotional Support   Teen Transition: A Parent's Role
Strategies for Daily Life    
Becoming a Family Advisor    
Available Resources to Share with Teens:
Tips for Talking with Healthcare Providers    
Understanding a Health Condition    
Discussing a Health Condition with Others    
Considerations if Spending Time Away from Home    
Care Plans for Teens      
Care Notebook for Teens      
Transitioning to Adult Healthcare      


Collage of happy children with parents and healthcare providers

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