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Tools and resources for nurses, doctors, childcare providers, therapists and other professionals who support children with special health care needs:

Finding Contact Information for Families   Diagnosis-Specific Resources
Searchable Directory   General Diagnosis Information
Printable WA County Lists   Critical Elements of Care: Cerebral Palsy
Starting Point Guide   Critical Elements of Care: Cleft Lip & Palate
Searchable Summer Camp Directory   Critical Elements of Care: Sickle Cell Disease
Medical Home Resources & Support   Oral Health Resource List
Interacting with Families   Health Screening & Monitoring Resources
Involving Families as Advisors   Developmental Surveillance & Screening
Talking with Parents (for childcare professionals)   Health & Development Monitoring
Childcare and the ADA    
Print Materials for Patients & Family   Education for Healthcare Providers

  Continuing Education
Newsletters   Online Video Library
Linkages   Nursing Ground Rounds
Child Health Notes   Provider Ground Rounds Resources to Share with Parents:
Care Management Tools   Planning Ahead
Care Notebook   Safety Tips
Care Organizer   Oral Healthcare
Care Plans   Early Intervention & Education
Connection & Support   Emergency Preparedness
Coping with a New Diagnosis   Air Travel
Emotional Support   Teen Transition: A Parent's Role
Strategies for Daily Life    
Becoming a Family Advisor    
Available Resources to Share with Teens:
Tips for Talking with Healthcare Providers   Care Plans for Teens
Understanding a Health Condition   Care Notebook for Teens
Discussing a Health Condition with Others   Transitioning to Adult Healthcare
Considerations if Spending Time Away from Home    
Collage of happy children with parents and healthcare providers

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