Finding Support & Making Connections

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Father walking and hugging childFind ways for parents and caregivers to find support and connect with others, teens to connect and communicate with others, and professionals to find tools to successfully support the families of children with special needs.

  • Getting Started After a New Diagnosis
    Find tips from other parents about what helped them after a new diagnosis and where to find information when your child is newly diagnosed with special needs.
  • Story Network
    A community where parents of children and teens with an ongoing health condition or special need can read and tell honest, hopeful stories about day to day life, coping during crisis, staying strong, or getting emotional support.
  • Real Families: Real Suggestions for Everyday Living
    Ideas and strategies for managing your child's special health care needs in daily life from parents who participated in the Building on Family Strengths (BFS) project.
  • Parent Support Program
    Peer support for Washington State families of children with special health care needs or chronic health conditions that connects parents requesting emotional support with trained, experienced volunteer parents.
  • Support and Connection for Families
    Find organizations, support groups, books, essays, online support and resources for mental health services that other parents have found helpful when searching for emotional support.
  • Becoming a Family Advisor
    Guidance and tips for parents or caregivers interested in becoming a family advisor to make a difference by sharing unique experiences, perspectives, and expertise. 
  • Involving Families as Advisors
    Information for healthcare professionals interested in partnering with families by involving them in an advisory role.
  • Medical Home
    Provides a definition of medical home and tools and resources that help create a medical home for children with special needs.
  • Deciding and Telling About Your Health Condition for Teens
    Decide who to tell about your health condition, download a worksheet to help practice ways to tell, and prepare for different responses.
  • Building Your Parents' Trust for Teens
    Help work with your parents to prove you are ready to take on more and be more independent.